Oxford Charcoal

— crafted with care from British woodlands —

 a range of flavours

– FROM classic woods to something special, For the true gourmet BBQ experience –

Hardwood blend

for classic lamb & chicken dishes

This charcoal is made up of a mix
of hardwood species. The blend changes, but we are careful to maintain great burning flavour properties by combining species with complimentary qualities.


beautiful birch for beef or lamb

Birch charcoal really is a thing of beauty. It has a mirror-like finish, with a subtle sweet, but kind of 'mineral' flavour profile.
We can't help feeling sad if someone grills lamb with anything else!


a proper Oxford Charcoal exotic 

Made from prunings of Valencian orange groves. It carries a big flavour of deep orange - think marmalade. Perfect with duck, chicken, turkey and pork. Actually, just pretty good with food.


oak - for sizzling steaks

Made from British Oak from a local processor of home-grown timber. Certified to FSC or PEFC standards so we know it's been sustainably harvested. With subtle notes of oak smoke caramel!


give your burgers the all-American

As used by our friend, DJ BBQ for grilling amazing burgers. Even this spandex-clad American was impressed by the similarity between our English maples and the sugar maples of North America!


a flavour that holds its own 

Cherry charcoal has a sweetness as well as a darker cherry flavour. It is exceptional with a duck breast or venison. It won't disappoint if you simply grill up some plain pork sausages either.


a sweeter flavour all-round

Beech charcoal is a bit of a treat.
It's dense, long burning fuel that gives a clear, sweet smokey flavour. Give this a try with fish, chicken and the like. Pretty classic combo with a frankfurter too.


try with white fish or salmon

Ash charcoal has a very 'comfortable' and stable burn.
Its mild profile is ideal for fish
or subtler meats, that helps bring out their natural flavours.


not just for squirrel kebabs 

Don't expect any hazel nut flavours; think more of a kind of witch hazel. Light, spirity, nearly a little flowery, burns very cleanly and this dense coal is very controllable and easy to use.

We're always trying new woods and experimenting with exotic flavours. 
To see what exciting charcoal we have in stock, contact orders@theoxfordcharcoalcompany.co.uk
Wood is a natural resource and therefore some of the above maybe subject to availability.