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Beech charcoal is a bit of a treat.

It’s a dense, long burning fuel that gives a clear, sweet smokey flavour.

Give this a try with fish, chicken and the like.  Pretty classic combo with a frankfurter too.

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6 reviews for Beech Charcoal – 5kg

  1. Brandon Gray

    “We have tried Beech charcoal previously as we like the length it burns for, but Oxford Charcoal’s beech knocked it out of the park. The smokey flavour is always there, until the final embers. It’s perfect.”

  2. Tim Smith

    “We’ve just ordered our 5th bag of beech charcoal in just a few months, it is simply that good. As a restaurant that serves many different meat dishes, beech suited us perfectly for its great flavours with everything we cooked.”

  3. Jenny Graves

    Beech is so good for being able to cook almost any meat, so this was perfect for us. Thank you Oxford Charcoal.

  4. Cory Lee

    Tried this with a selection of meats from chicken to sausages and they all tasted great.

  5. Conor Farrell

    I love the smokey flavour the Beech charcoal gave the chicken I cooked, some of the best BBQ food I’ve had because of it.

  6. Paul Michaels

    This Beech charcoal burns really nicely and cooks most meats very well.

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