Four Simple Ways To Use Biochar

In The Garden

For 10% biochar in your flower beds or veg plot, give this a try. Sprinkle about 3kg raw biochar over 1m³ of soil. Then add a compost of your choice. Finally, dig it in to about 5 inches deep.

In Rows

Make your biochar go further by adding it to planting rows or individual planting holes. Dig your planting trench, then sprinkle in a layer of biochar. Cover with your compost, place seeds/seedlings and backfill your trench.

In Pots

Boost your pot plants by mixing raw biochar with your favourite compost. For a 10% biochar mix add 1kg to 40 litres of compost. Simply mix well, then get potting!

Top Loading

Dress the surface of the soil or plant pot with a 50/50 mix of biochar and compost. 1kg of raw biochar to 4 litres of compost should do the trick. Sprinkle pure biochar on the surface of a plant pot or soil around ornamental plants.