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Orange Wood Charcoal 5kg


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Made from the annual prunings of the Valencian orange groves.  A proper little Oxford Charcoal Exotic.

This coal is graded to a larger lump size than usual, so you may need to break it down for smaller grills. It carries a great big flavour of deep orange, think proper marmalade without any sugar.

Perfect with duck, chicken, turkey and pork. Actually, just pretty good with food.

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Weight 5 kg

3 reviews for Orange Wood Charcoal 5kg

  1. Jason Kennedy

    “Sure, you sometimes have to put a bit more effort in to cut down the coal into smaller pieces. But when something creates a taste so amazing, it is worth the time. Our customers are loving the new orange-flavoured meats, which means we will see you soon!”

  2. Adam Hoffman

    “To be honest, we were not familiar with such charcoal before we discovered it here, but we are so thrilled we have! Any meat, any time of the year, cooked to perfection with orange charcoal.”

  3. Louis Reeves

    The fruity orange tasty from this charcoal is great and it is not too overwhelming which I have seen before.

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