Big Logs - Fire Pits - BBQ

Love Logs? Try our Kiln Dried Big Logs of all species, choose your flavour or grab a mixed bag. Sustainably sourced from UK woodlands giving you quality and consistent heat.

Delivered in a sustainable Jute Bag. Enjoy them in your Fire, BBQ, Pizza ovens or just as flavouring for your cooking activity!

Our logs are not like any other, they are hand-cut so look a bit quirky but natural just like our flavours and thinking..

When you buy you also help to keep the Co2 footprint to a minimum.

  • Mixed hardwood, such as oak, ash, beech and birch
  • Packed dry into sustainable jute sacks
  • Ideal for wood-burning, restaurants, Pizza ovens and general cooking
  • Greater control of oven – higher cooking temperatures
  • Choose Kiln-dried for maximum performance to an average moisture level below 18% to Woodsure standards

The first thing is to get the fire very hot, as quick as possible. To do this, build the fire up, putting logs onto the kindling fire, rather than making a large pile at the start and stay with the fire. By being with the fire, you can see the flames rise as the logs set on fire and can add more.

Note: All of our wood is now ‘Ready to Burn Firewood’ and have a moisture content of 20% or less.

Great reasons why you should buy from us;

  • All timber is from 100% virgin UK traceable, sustainable Woodlands and Forestry.
  • A low moisture content of less than 18%.
  • A high calorific value and a high heat.
  • A very clean fuel which does not blacken your wood stove glass.
  • A fuel available all year round in any quantity required