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This charcoal is made from British Oak.

Becoming a firm favourite with our restaurant customers, this is a lovely even burning charcoal. Think subtle notes of ever popular oak smoke and caramel, great for grilling steaks!

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Weight 5 kg

6 reviews for Oak Charcoal – 5kg

  1. Daniel Green

    “If you need any more clarification that this is the best charcoal for your steaks, we have never ordered and sold more steak than we have in the previous year. Everyone loves the taste and consistency, which we know is the best. Awesome job Oxford Charcoal!”

  2. Chris Sharp

    “It’s quite simple really. This oak charcoal is the greatest steak sizzler on the market. We’ve been using it for 6 months now, and our steaks have never been better.”

  3. Marcus Brown

    Steak is a dish we serve often, therefore Oak Charcoal is a must. Oxford Charcoal is new to us but we are very happy with how things have started and customers are loving it, so expect to see us back soon.

  4. Jarred King

    Very much enjoyed using this charcoal, really nice flavours for the chicken and chops.

  5. Tyler Stanley

    Oak goes well with steak and many other foods which is why we are big fans of it. The flavours it gives the food are exceptional.

  6. Austin Reed

    Great service and fast delivery was an awesome start, but the charcoal itself takes the number one spot for us.

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