Biochar - Gardening

Grow amazing herbs and food with our Biochar. Simple to use, either mix in soil or use as a replacement and watch your herbs grow lush and healthy.

Soil is one of the largest carbon sinks. Restoring soil carbon could offset between 10-20% of ALL CO2 emissions. The cool thing is that every Kg of biochar added to soil permanently offsets 3 Kg of CO2.
The technology to make biochar is available now. The storage method is IPCC approved. Verified track and trace systems exist for the purchase of biochar carbon removal certificates. The UK needs to add 1 million tonnes of biochar to UK soils to make a difference.
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Currently, there are three types of nature-based mature, scalable, scientifically backed-up carbon sink technologies: Afforestation, Soil Organic Carbon and Biochar.

Use Biochar for;

Soil & Composting
Animal Digestion
Agriculture Mix
Anaerobic Digestion
Water Filtration
Building material

Many many more applications…

How to inoculate (activate) your Biochar

Place the biochar in a vessel (eg wheelbarrow) then in a separate container (eg watering can) dilute ‘Wood Vinegar’ on a 1:100 ratio with water, mix well. Pour the solution into the biochar vessel until completely covered. Leave for 2 days under shelter. When ready you can mix the activated Biochar to the soil and plants as required.

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