Biochar - Gardening

Grow amazing herbs and food with our Biochar. Simple to use, either mix in soil or use as a replacement and watch your herbs grow lush and healthy.

Currently, there are three types of nature-based mature, scalable, scientifically backed-up carbon sink technologies: Afforestation, Soil Organic Carbon and Biochar.

Use Biochar for;

Soil & Composting
Animal Digestion
Agriculture Mix
Anaerobic Digestion
Water Filtration
Building material

Many many more applications…

How to inoculate (activate) your Biochar

Place the biochar in a vessel (eg wheelbarrow) then in a separate container (eg watering can) dilute ‘Wood Vinegar’ on a 1:100 ratio with water, mix well. Pour the solution into the biochar vessel until completely covered. Leave for 2 days under shelter. When ready you can mix the activated Biochar to the soil and plants as required.

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