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Lemon & Lime Charcoal – 5kg


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Limes and lemons are from the same citrus fruit family, rich in vitamin C but different in colour.

Lemon and Lime wood is very citric in nature and its charcoal is ‘strong’ with a medium burn.

Its worldwide profile is ideal for Shell fish, Chicken or Game, to elaborate more flavour try grilling fennel with the meats.

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3 reviews for Lemon & Lime Charcoal – 5kg

  1. Brian Eaves

    “Yes, the citric taste can be strong for some. But if it something you enjoy, you will not get enough of this charcoal under your grill. We know for sure it will be under ours for some time! Thank you Oxford Charcoal for the best citrus coal on the market.”

  2. Wayne Evans

    “We were sceptical at first, but once we used our first bag of lemon and lime, we came back for more. We mainly used it for chicken, and it was spot-on every time. But white fish is just an absolute luxury, one of the most fabulous dishes I’ve ever served.”

  3. Damian Thornwell

    A charcoal that is very strong with its flavour, but you should know what you are getting with Lemon and Lime. I found it great with the chicken I grilled and will be doing it again for sure.

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