Oxford Charcoal

— crafted with care from British woodlands —

Pure, organic natural charcoal made from single or mix species sourced only from British woods available in different 'flavours'. No fillers, no nasties. Lights easily and quickly. It's charcoal with soul!

 Other destinations available please contact us for a quote

Other destinations available please contact us for a quote

British-grown, fast-lighting
and no nasty chemicals.
premium bbq charcoal

At the Oxford Charcoal Company, we've been perfecting our charcoal-making
to bring you clean-burning, untainted, single or mixed species premium lumped charcoal.

Always small batch fired, our lumpwood charcoal is ready to cook within 10-15 minutes,
so you can spend less time grillin’ and more time chillin’!  

No nasty chemicals added, no petrol smells or odd flavours and certainly no rainforest either.
Just 100% British trees from sustainable woodlands, providing vital habitats for wildlife and compliant with Grown in Britain,
the Government’s UK Forestry Standard. 

With a unique range of different woods for a wide variety of grilled flavours, it has to be the best charcoal in the world!