Sustainable Premium British BBQ Charcoal

Restaurant Grade • British Grown • Fast-Lighting • No Nasty Chemicals • Greenest Charcoal

No nasty chemicals added, no petrol smells or odd flavours and certainly no rainforest either – guaranteeing its the Best BBQ Charcoal you will ever use! We only use 100% British trees from sustainable woodlands, providing vital habitats for wildlife and compliant with the strict Grown in Britain (GiB) Standard.

With a unique range of different woods for a wide variety of grilled flavours, it has to be the best charcoal in the world! Always small batch fired, our lumpwood bbq charcoal is ready to cook within 10-15 minutes, so you can spend less time grillin’ and more time chillin’!

Our charcoals are created with the greenest credentials fully compatible with BBQ’s made by Drumbecue Smoker, Weber Mastertouch & Kettle, Lotus Grill, Big Green Egg, Everdure, Barbecook Joya and Ox-Grill.

Gourmet British Charcoal – More Than Just Fuel!

Ethically Sourced

Lumpwood, Teak and Marabu! Long burn-time and quick lighting.

Small Log Flavours

We supply quality british logs for you to make great tasting food!

Hex, Cobb or Weber style Briquettes

100% Natural Briquettes! Restaurant grade, controlled heat.

Own A Pizza Oven Or Fire Pit?

Try our classic British Wood
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