Yes, We Supply Restaurants and more…

Share our values of outdoor cooking? Then bring out the true flavours of your food by using our premium charcoal. We are probably the largest manufacturer in the UK and have been supplying British charcoal since 2013. We will not be beaten on a like for like quote and can guarantee steady supply no matter how large so feel free to contact us to discuss your requirement.

We don’t display all of our products on-line, if you have a specific requirement for your business whether it be Charcoal, Briquettes, Logs or something for the kitchen then talk to us we are connected to a whole community ready to help.

All available wholesale stock and pricing is not shown on-line so please call or whatsApp us on 07890 967599.

We have a bunch of very lucky chefs running anything from a single charcoal oven to a full kitchen on our fuels. Building layers of flavour into your menu with Carefully Crafted Charcoal can give your kitchen an edge that’s pretty hard to come by. You can always rely on us to be as careful sourcing of our trees as you are with the sourcing of the ingredients for your menu. After all, it’s not often you actually get to choose where and how your fuel is made!

We also know how important it is that you can rely on us to have your orders delivered to you complete and on time. That’s why we ask all new restaurant customers to get in contact directly.  We’ll only take you on if we can be sure that we have the capacity to deliver your orders.

So, fill out the form below or call us and speak to one our Experienced staff to see what we can do together. We love to supply more independent retail outlets, Restaurants, Butcher shops, Garden centres, farm shops and other distributors.