British Ash Charcoal – 5kg

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Certification: GiB-S-WM-5025


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Ash charcoal has a very controllable burn. Its mild flavour is ideal for fish or delicate flavours.

Food Match Wine Match Beer Match
White Fish – Cod / Hake / Pollock Sancerre, Pouilly Fume, Chardonnay, White Rioja
Lamb – grilled neck fillets, butterflied marinated leg Pinot Noir, Burgundy

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Weight 150 kg

8 reviews for British Ash Charcoal – 5kg

  1. John Thompson

    “This charcoal is so good, I have ordered a bag for my home as well as multiple for the restaurant. It just cooks fish and more delicate meats to a T, and the more stable burning allows the flavour to come out perfectly.”

  2. Vincent Jackson

    “Our new favourite charcoal for any fish dish that we do, or will ever do. White fish tastes absolutely incredible, and we will be back for more very soon!”

  3. Steffen Magnussen

    Just bought some Ash charcoal to see how good it is for the fish I cook, and I can confirm it does the job brilliantly. Very impressed.

  4. Sam West

    Really enjoyed this charcoal, will be back for more soon.

  5. Jordan Lee

    One of my friends recommended me this charcoal and it has been very good for anything I grill! Service was great too which always helps.

  6. Travis Clark

    I like to let the meat cook for a long time on the BBQ and this Ash worked very well for this, great stuff.

  7. Will Marejawski

    Very happy with this charcoal, good service, simple to manage and good taste, thank you.

  8. Ryan Jackson

    If I could infinitely eat, it would be fish upon fish upon fish, with this Ash charcoal! It’s so good, definitely recommend.

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