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Oxford Charcoal is used by professional chefs, grillers and aficionados all over the UK.
Michael Lithgow
Michael Lithgow
I have been using Oxford Charcoal for over a year. The quality is fantastic. Easy to light, consistent and controllable burn. We were a Spring and Summer BBQ user. We now use it all year round! Transformed our use of BBQ.
Alston Maccow
Alston Maccow
The staff is always helpful and always return your call. The charcoal is the best I have ever used and with long burn times. The food tastes So good. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you all for your support
David Boland
David Boland
I’ve got on ok with the supermarket £5 bags of charcoal for years but thought I would treat myself in lockdown to see what all the fuss was about, fully expecting the same stuff in a fancy bag at inflated prices. I could not have been more wrong! I bought a box of Hex briquettes and a bag of Marabu and have been blown away. Everything described on the website about the stuff is true. Now to the company itself. Knowledgeable, helpful people who love charcoal. A small issue with my bag of Marabu (no fault of theirs) was sorted with unbelievable customer service. I don’t normally write reviews but this company is the real deal. The prices may look eye watering to most occasional BBQ users but trust me it’s worth it. I will never go back to the cheap bags again. David.
Mike Prager
Mike Prager
Brilliant company. Lovely people. Great product, does what it says on the tin and helps the planet. This is the new normal firm
Les Jones
Les Jones
This is the second time I am using Oxford Charcoal, even though my first order, last year, went slightly stray. However, the resulting delay was through no fault of theirs, and matters were very quickly rectified. An impressive company with impressive products!
roger clayson
roger clayson
Ordered Charcoal during the lock-down when they where out of stock. Customer service kept me in the picture on manufacture and when delivery due Fantastic after sales service always try to talk to Serena 5 star person
Al McGee
Al McGee
Ordered some environmentally friendly long burn charcoal to try out with some low and slow cooking. Courier company messed up and delivered it not just to the wrong address but the wrong country! Emailed Oxford Charcoal just to double check the address was correct. Got a reply in minutes... late in the evening when I got home from work. So they were working late, during a time of crazy demand. Everyone using their garden during lockdown! So first bonus point there The address was correct on the package they dispatced. So it was a courier issue. Fair enough I'd already tried to chase them up. But oh no straight away off their own bat Oxford Charcoal said they'd dispatch a second box the very next morning. Second bonus point Top marks not just for the brilliant product, great price but absolutely excellent customer service. Found my go to supplier for all my charcoal and smoking wood needs in future
Naseer Choudhury
Naseer Choudhury
I had the same experience as Peter Gray. The charcoal may be top grade but it does burn out very quickly.
Graham Shaul
Graham Shaul
I totally appreciate that you might think 'how much for a bag of charcoal?!'. However this is not just charcoal, it is British Charcoal from The Oxford Charcoal Company and just should not be compared with the cheap fuel which is sold in the DIY sheds, supermarkets and garage forecourt. This fuel will be lit and ready remarkably quickly and just needs a twist of newspaper to get it started. No nasty chemicals to taint your food but actually fragrant smoke to add flavour. It burns hot and slow and often at the end of my cooking I shut down the airflow on my barbeque and the coals extinguish enabling me to relight them the next time. All my dealings have been made online and always received prompt and efficient attention. Do some reading an understand the environmental impact of cheap charcoal, ask yourself how it can be cheap, where it has to come from to make it cheap? This is a handmade product made with care and pride which enhances your cooking in ways that you should discover.
Excellent range of products and great service, I refuse to bbq with anything other than oxford charcoal.

Fast delivery, I am really pleased with my purchase. Thank you.
Resturant grade Long burn 100% natural wood hex BBQ briquettes, 6hr+ 10kg / box

Buyer: dizzydi769

Very good quality thanks
Ethically sourced Hardwood Blend Charcoal – 5kg

Buyer: booey470128

Top quality Biochar - Doesn't smell, isn't oily and washes off your hands easily with just water - A++
5kg Pure Organic British Biochar, Grow amazing Herbs & plants, 100% Animal Safe

Buyer: seank113

Received in good time eco friendly package. Will await effect on allotment now incorporated into the soil. Previously seen good results from biochar.
5kg Pure Organic British Biochar, Grow amazing Herbs & plants, 100% Animal Safe

Buyer: pennyh2005

havent used it yet but arrived on time and well packed.
Weber style BBQ Briquettes 100% natural wood ‘pillow’ shape – 1.5 - 3.5kg bags

Buyer: kwaka-2009

Great stuff, thanks for the speedy delivery.
100% Organic Natural Wood Vinegar the “Super Food” for plants & herbs

Buyer: dukesos

At Barbecoa we have used Oxford Charcoal for a couple of years now and won’t use anything else as it’s the best out there. They always have the right charcoal for the right job, whether it’s for our Robata or our Texas Pit Smoker. If you are a real geek with your food and passionate about how you cook it, then you should definitely use Oxford Charcoal.

Davide Bargione - Executive Chef, Barbecoa, London

For us at The Grapes it's all about layers of flavour and consistency. Oxford Charcoal offers all of this. A fantastic product, it's sustainable, has bags of sweet smokey flavours and holds a consistent temperature.

Steve Carrs - Executive Chef, The Bunch of Grapes, Bradford on Avon

Oxford Charcoal put as much passion into making coals as we put into the cooking. Great to meet up with Matt properly at Meatopia this year.

Hus Vedat - Executive Chef, London

For me this is the best charcoal out there, special blends, birch, maple, even orange. So feckin' excited to have it here in Cork. Oxford Charcoal, made with pure wood and pure passion. Next level craftsmanship.

John Relihan - Consultant Chef, Fire & Slow Food, London / Ireland

First there was charcoal. A billion years later there was Oxford charcoal. It was a long time coming but absolutely worth waiting for.

Christian DJBBQ Stevenson - Spandex-clad-grill-warrior, The Internet, Foodtube, Festivals

The best charcoal.... No, strike that, the only charcoal worth grilling on. If you put flavour above everything else, don’t use anything else.

Chris Taylor - Home Economist, Master Chef, BBQ Specialist, All over the place

What they don't know about grilling and BBQs isn't worth knowing. They're passionate charcoal experts. Just don’t get stuck at a party with them.

Sam Evans - Owner, Head Chef, Hangfire Southern Kitchen, Barry, Wales

Oxford charcoal are heart and soul the best charcoal makers out there. I don’t know how they do it, but their stuff makes my stuff taste better.

Matt Burgess - Group Head Chef, Caravan Restaurants, London