Oxford Charcoal is used by professional chefs, grillers and aficionados all over the UK.

  • At Barbecoa we have used Oxford Charcoal for a couple of years now and won’t use anything else as it’s the best out there. They always have the right charcoal for the right job, whether it’s for our Robata or our Texas Pit Smoker. If you are a real geek with your food and passionate about how you cook it, then you should definitely use Oxford Charcoal.

    Davide Bargione Executive Chef, Barbecoa, London
  • For us at The Grapes it's all about layers of flavour and consistency. Oxford Charcoal offers all of this. A fantastic product, it's sustainable, has bags of sweet smokey flavours and holds a consistent temperature.

    Steve Carrs Executive Chef, The Bunch of Grapes, Bradford on Avon
  • Oxford Charcoal put as much passion into making coals as we put into the cooking. Great to meet up with Matt properly at Meatopia this year.

    Hus Vedat Executive Chef, London
  • For me this is the best charcoal out there, special blends, birch, maple, even orange. So feckin' excited to have it here in Cork. Oxford Charcoal, made with pure wood and pure passion. Next level craftsmanship.

    John Relihan Consultant Chef, Fire & Slow Food, London / Ireland
  • First there was charcoal. A billion years later there was Oxford charcoal. It was a long time coming but absolutely worth waiting for.

    Christian DJBBQ Stevenson Spandex-clad-grill-warrior, The Internet, Foodtube, Festivals
  • The best charcoal.... No, strike that, the only charcoal worth grilling on. If you put flavour above everything else, don’t use anything else.

    Chris Taylor Home Economist, Master Chef, BBQ Specialist, All over the place
  • What they don't know about grilling and BBQs isn't worth knowing. They're passionate charcoal experts. Just don’t get stuck at a party with them.

    Sam Evans Owner, Head Chef, Hangfire Southern Kitchen, Barry, Wales
  • Oxford charcoal are heart and soul the best charcoal makers out there. I don’t know how they do it, but their stuff makes my stuff taste better.

    Matt Burgess Group Head Chef, Caravan Restaurants, London
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