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Oxford Charcoal is used by professional chefs, grillers and aficionados all over the UK.
Alex Forty
Alex Forty
Bought a box of the best British hardwood charcoal, for use on my Big Green Egg. The lumps are a good varied size (rather than mostly small chips or twig type charcoal, it lights well with the Oxford lighters. First cook using the product so played safe with a nice low and slow pork shoulder for pulled pork. Charcoal held its heat well at ~150 C for a good 5 hours, plenty left out of a 3/4 bag in the egg for use elsewhere. Overall a great charcoal product that will see you well when cooking. Next plan is a brisket.
Christopher Meade
Christopher Meade
Alexander Holsgrove
Alexander Holsgrove
I have used a broad selection of charcoal over the past 20+ years, from the main brands such as Weber & BigK, different bags of "restaurant" grade and also a selection of small-scale, locally produced charcoal. Price and quality varied and I never really settled on one good reliable source. I discovered the Oxford Charcoal company thanks to a recommendation from Christian Stevenson aka DJ BBQ, and having used up my currently supply, decided to place an order: some British hardwood, a bag each of ethical Beech & Birch and some Marabu. As soon as I heard the "clinking" of the coals as I unpackaged the delivery, I knew this was a good quality charcoal. The lump size in each bag is a nice mix of smaller pieces - good for short cooking times eg steaks, sausages, chicken pieces and then larger pieces for low-and-slow cooking. The lumps feel light and clean rather than dense and sooty. I've not yet used a full bag, but so far there are no signs of the small broken pieces of charcoal and dust ("shrapnel") that were common in cheaper bags of charcoal. The coal lights very easily and burns cleanly with little smoke. It reaches a good heat, reacting well to adjustments in the vent positions and seems to burn for a suitable amount of time. Whilst I appreciate this is a premium product, you do get what you pay for and if you're going to be cooking a fantastic piece of steak, then do so over some Oxford Charcoal!
Andrew Grant
Andrew Grant
David Murdoch
David Murdoch
1st class customer service when order needed amended last minute prior to shipping. Quality products, excellent stable heat output and flavours from a mixture of the hardwood and marabu blend. Cant fault this company.
After splurging on a new barbecue it seemed obvious that I needed to be more selective of my charcoal. A friend recommended Oxford Charcoal Company - and I haven't looked back. The lumpwood is great. It gives all the food great flavour, and has no issue holding heat for a longer period of time. Will definitely keep ordering.
Christopher Card
Christopher Card
Having been disappointed by so called "Restaurant Charcoal" with big lumps and lots of waste I tried Oxford Charcoal's Ethically Sourced product. I am now on my third sack and it it has all been brilliant. A bit more expensive, but as there have been no huge lumps to break up and virtually NO waste, the cost difference is minimal. Brilliant.
Andy Mayman
Andy Mayman
Love supporting local independent businesses , especially one such as these who have fantastic products. My household don’t always like the Smokey charcoal type flavour that typically comes from a BBQ , however using these products , everyone loved their food. Wouldn’t go back to using shop charcoal or briquettes again
Azriel Abramovich
Azriel Abramovich
Excellent charcoal and service. The charcoal lights up really easily and burns very well. In fact, I needed to control the oxygen supply because it reached higher temperatures, quicker, than ordinary charcoal. Once I did that - I get a great grill. I've ordered various types of charcoal and I am very happy with all of them. I am now going to try the fire-pit wood... Last delivery had an issue with the delivery-company - contacted Oxford Charcoal and the issue was resolved immediately.
James Way
James Way
Excellent and versatile products. We use their charcoal and wood products to bbq, cook low and slow and hot and fast and for live fire grillin' with great results every time. The staff are extremely helpful always and a pleasure to deal with. Keep up the amazing work!

Fast delivery, I am really pleased with my purchase. Thank you.
Resturant grade Long burn 100% natural wood hex BBQ briquettes, 6hr+ 10kg / box

Buyer: dizzydi769

Very good quality thanks
Ethically sourced Hardwood Blend Charcoal – 5kg

Buyer: booey470128

Top quality Biochar - Doesn't smell, isn't oily and washes off your hands easily with just water - A++
5kg Pure Organic British Biochar, Grow amazing Herbs & plants, 100% Animal Safe

Buyer: seank113

Received in good time eco friendly package. Will await effect on allotment now incorporated into the soil. Previously seen good results from biochar.
5kg Pure Organic British Biochar, Grow amazing Herbs & plants, 100% Animal Safe

Buyer: pennyh2005

havent used it yet but arrived on time and well packed.
Weber style BBQ Briquettes 100% natural wood ‘pillow’ shape – 1.5 - 3.5kg bags

Buyer: kwaka-2009

Great stuff, thanks for the speedy delivery.
100% Organic Natural Wood Vinegar the “Super Food” for plants & herbs

Buyer: dukesos

At Barbecoa we have used Oxford Charcoal for a couple of years now and won’t use anything else as it’s the best out there. They always have the right charcoal for the right job, whether it’s for our Robata or our Texas Pit Smoker. If you are a real geek with your food and passionate about how you cook it, then you should definitely use Oxford Charcoal.

Davide Bargione - Executive Chef, Barbecoa, London

For us at The Grapes it's all about layers of flavour and consistency. Oxford Charcoal offers all of this. A fantastic product, it's sustainable, has bags of sweet smokey flavours and holds a consistent temperature.

Steve Carrs - Executive Chef, The Bunch of Grapes, Bradford on Avon

Oxford Charcoal put as much passion into making coals as we put into the cooking. Great to meet up with Matt properly at Meatopia this year.

Hus Vedat - Executive Chef, London

For me this is the best charcoal out there, special blends, birch, maple, even orange. So feckin' excited to have it here in Cork. Oxford Charcoal, made with pure wood and pure passion. Next level craftsmanship.

John Relihan - Consultant Chef, Fire & Slow Food, London / Ireland

First there was charcoal. A billion years later there was Oxford charcoal. It was a long time coming but absolutely worth waiting for.

Christian DJBBQ Stevenson - Spandex-clad-grill-warrior, The Internet, Foodtube, Festivals

The best charcoal.... No, strike that, the only charcoal worth grilling on. If you put flavour above everything else, don’t use anything else.

Chris Taylor - Home Economist, Master Chef, BBQ Specialist, All over the place

What they don't know about grilling and BBQs isn't worth knowing. They're passionate charcoal experts. Just don’t get stuck at a party with them.

Sam Evans - Owner, Head Chef, Hangfire Southern Kitchen, Barry, Wales

Oxford charcoal are heart and soul the best charcoal makers out there. I don’t know how they do it, but their stuff makes my stuff taste better.

Matt Burgess - Group Head Chef, Caravan Restaurants, London