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Olive Charcoal – 5kg


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Ancient Greeks considered the olive tree as a gift from the gods.

Olive wood is very hardy and its charcoal is ‘subtle’ but has a stable burn.

Its Mediterranean profile is ideal for fish or subtler meats, that helps bring out their natural flavours.

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Weight 5 kg

3 reviews for Olive Charcoal – 5kg

  1. Paul Watson

    “Our Mediterranean menu was slowing down in orders until we introduced olive charcoal from Oxford Charcoal. Simply, wow. I have never tasted better salmon, ever! It is excellent with many other fish and meats too, one of our best finds of the last year.”

  2. Andy Rowe

    “Squid might not be to everyone’s taste, but when olive charcoal is used, everyone who tastes it falls in love. The steady, slower burn allows all of the perfect flavour to release, and each bite is just phenomenal.”

  3. Jimmy Matthews

    One of the nicest, sweet charcoals I have used. Definitely best with lighter meats like chicken.

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