About Oxford Charcoal

Our Charcoal Is Crafted With Care

At Oxford Charcoal, we started crafting our charcoal in 2013, we do it in small batches to give you the best BBQ experience possible. Easy to light and ready to use in just 15 minutes, we like to think of it as Gourmet charcoal, adding superb flavours to your cooking using a variety of different wood. Our goal is to create the best quality bbq charcoal, we grade it to try and eliminate smaller pieces and pack in paper bags helping our circular economy model.
We use the most efficient process possible, so every time you buy Oxford Charcoal rather than imported, not only do you get great flavours its better for the environment. To put that good feeling factor into figures, we estimate that every time you use a bag of British Charcoal you help save 4 tons of CO2 compared to imported.
And because it’s pure, there are no nasty chemicals spoiling the taste of your food. Quite simply, we think it’s the best barbecue charcoal in the world!
So if you’re looking for consistency of supply, the highest quality and a UK Charcoal Manufacturer that’s run like a commercial business give us a try!
Bulk worldwide delivery now available, please email us your requirements at orders@oxfordcharcoal.co.uk for a personal quotation.

Why Do We Say ‘Gourmet’?


Pure Additive Free Charcoal

High fixed carbon, no nasty added chemicals, no tainting or paraffin odour. No petrol smells or odd flavours.

Burns Better, Lasts Longer

Our charcoal is graded for consistent lump size for an even burn and controllable temperature.

From Sustainable Forests

98% of our wood is from Forestry Commission approved woodland and is all certified by Grown in Britain. 2% is imported specialist fruit-wood ethically sourced.

Fast And Easy Lighting

Our charcoal is quicker and easier to light. You will be able to add our charcoal to your BBQ during cooking.

Choose Your Flavour

Charcoal from different woods gives subtly different flavours for the ultimate gourmet BBQ Experience.

Smoke Free

Low grade charcoal has a much lower fixed carbon content which makes it smoke heavy during cooking. Our’s doesn’t!