British Apple Charcoal – 5kg

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Certification: GiB-S-WM-5025


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Made after being pruned from a end of life Cider farms.

This charcoal is a dense, long burning fuel that will give a great flavour and a perfect excuse to sample a few pints of proper British cider… or a glass or two of chilled Rosé, alongside your grill.

Whatever your tipple, just remember folks, please consume responsibly…

Food Match Wine Match Beer Match
Pork – ribs / pulled pork Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir Cider, IPA, Pilsner, Amber ale
Chicken Pinot Noir (French and NZ), Beaujolais, Douro Lager Beer

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Weight 5 kg

3 reviews for British Apple Charcoal – 5kg

  1. Juan Fernandez

    “I have always been one to let meat cook for hours using dense, slow charcoal. So many thanks to Oxford Charcoal for making the best charcoal for the job. Everything about it suits me down to the ground, and I can’t think of any close alternatives anymore.”

  2. Steve Thomas

    “One of the best charcoal flavours we have ever used. The slow-burning Apple makes almost any meat taste incredible, and our customers love the fruity hint. Great job!”

  3. Seb Clayton

    A lovely, fruity, long burning charcoal that makes barbecuing seem almost easy! We were just chilling in the garden, letting it do its job. It was spot on.

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