What Is Biochar And Why Is It So Good?

Biochar is a bi-product of making Charcoal, it’s used for gardening, horticultural and agricultural purposes. It is carbon-rich and specifically designed for soil enhancement. You can use it to nourish your soil, enhance growing conditions and get better soil structure.

Unlike other soil improvers, biochar does not decompose. It will continue to do good in your soil almost indefinitely, making it healthy and fertile for decades to come.

And here’s a cool thing. Every time you dig in 1kg of biochar to your soil, not only do you see great results… you can be proud that together we have helped a forest to take 3.6kg of CO2 out of the atmosphere and buried it in your veg patch!

Quite simply, it’s great for the environment and perfect for the garden.

Biochar Mixed Grade - Gives Soil Power!

Biochar Helps Your Garden Grow

Manages Nutrients

Holds on to nitrogen, phosphates and potassium. Vital nutrients do not get washed away with the rain. They are released directly to plant roots instead.

Increases Beneficial Bacteria

Helps soil to break down organic content quickly to feed your plants. Biochar is not broken down in soil.

Quicker Establishment & Root Growth

Trial results have shown higher plant survival rates and substantially increased roots systems. Works in all soil types and improves soil dynamics.

Manages Soil Moisture

In sandy soils, it absorbs many times its weight in water, reducing the need for watering and creating less stress for your plants. And in heavy clay soils, it improves drainage.

Resilient, Healthier Plants

Creates healthy soils and vigorous growth, which yields plants proven to be resistant to drought and disease, including the devastating ash dieback disease

Lasts For Ages

Your biochar-enriched soil will last for thousands of years and will continue to work just as effectively, enriching the environment for future generations.

Amazing natural additive its SOIL POWER

Creating healthy soil to produce the most nutritious and most richly flavoured food in our gardens takes years of practice, especially if gardens don’t have good soil conditions to begin with.

One of the most powerful ingredients that can propel soil health forwards in a hurry is Biochar – a type of ‘super compound’. This deceptively simple substance has unique structural and electrical properties that produce incredible benefits in any garden.

These include doubling water-retention while improving water flow in sandy and clayey soils; swelling soil biology and activating its many functions; and improving nutrient holding-capacity as much as 20 times that of already healthy soil.

If that weren’t enough, biochar is also essentially permanent, lasting thousands of years in the soil, so give your Garden and herbs a boost and add Oxford Biochar next time you dig…

Another Great Reason To Buy And Use Biochar..

Today, biochar research shows measurable, replicable improvements in crop productivity to levels that range from 50 to 200%. Just one application provides and maintains long-lasting soil fertility benefits that enhance carbon sequestration in the soil, thus fighting climate change. Read more on our dedicated website here

Caution: There are only a handful of Biochar manufacturers and fewer based in the UK adhering to the strictest standards of wood supply and quality control, Biochar purchased from us is certified.