British Sweet Chestnut Charcoal – 5kg

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Certification: GiB-S-WM-5025


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Don’t be expecting us to make this too often, Sweet Chestnut is a particularly tricky charcoal to make well…

When fired it fractures both radially and concentrically exposing lots of surface area. This makes it keen to burn hot and fast, just what you’d want for dirty steak night.

If your cooker has good air flow control you can close the lid and slow it right down. It will reward you with bags of sweet, light flavour. It won’t make life easy for you, but then who wants an easy life anyway?

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Beef Argentine / Chilean Malbec, Medium Bodied Pinot Noir Burgundy Belgian Beer, Amber Ale

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Weight 5 kg

8 reviews for British Sweet Chestnut Charcoal – 5kg

  1. Gary Jones

    “Sweet Chestnut is the almighty, slow-cooking charcoal. What’s lost in time and effort is made up for with the best tasting meat we have ever tasted and served. Oxford Charcoal, just the best.”

  2. Jamie Fowler

    “We have used Sweet Chestnut charcoal in the past, and it has been very good. But there are no doubts in my mind that Oxford Charcoal takes the number one spot. If only it was not so hard to make!”

  3. Shaun Parsons

    This charcoal was great and did everything I expected. Good burn, great flavour.

  4. Kevin Collins

    Difficult to get right, but if you do it is amazing. We cooked steak on it recently and it tasted fantastic.

  5. Ryan West

    Decide to give this charcoal a go and am very happy with the results. Will be back for more in the summer.

  6. Sean Brooks

    One of the best sweet-flavoured Charcoal’s you can buy. The extra cost compared to others is made up for with the taste, every time.

  7. Paul Smith

    Have to appreciate the effort gone into making this charcoal, it is well worth the time and man power! Awesome charcoal, thank you very much

  8. Kieran Williams

    Very good service and everything was sorted with no hassle. Got the bag and in just a few days and wow, its delicious!

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