British Charcoal - BBQ

Burning clean with less smoke and more oak, Oxford charcoal is sustainable and home-grown. We use all species of hardwood, which we cherish from tree to grill, with absolutely no sneaky artificial additives or chemicals added.

Our wood goes through a labour-intensive process to make the lumps of charcoal. It is first carbonised by being carefully heated in a sealed retort. This burns away the wood’s natural moisture, creating the perfect charcoal.

We pride ourselves on using pure English charcoal straight from British Woodlands. This reduces imported charcoal, preserves endangered rainforests and reduces transport miles.

Charcoal made the traditional way tends to burn with a higher heat. An intense, even cooking temperature is reached in 15 minutes. Economical to use, you only need a small amount of charcoal to produce sufficient heat. Find out how we became the largest charcoal makers in the UK and some of the amazing uses for charcoal at one of our open days.

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