Weber, pebble, pillow style shaped Charcoal Briquettes 100% natural wood – 3kg – Family Size

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Ethically sourced 100% natural ‘pebble-shaped’ briquettes produced with no chemical, impurities or waste-wood – giving a cleaner burn

Burn time 1hr+

Clean to handle and smokeless when they burn, they’re ideal for using in any variety of barbecue, from impromptu beach-side grills and camp ovens like the Cobb Barbecue, to kettle barbecues for entertaining crowds on the patio at home.

The unique small ‘pillow’ style briquettes, similar to ‘heat beads’ created by using excess charcoal with a natural organic binder has excellent combustion properties. They are easy to light and are packed in 3.5kg paper bags, so you can light the whole item. The briquettes is an excellent choice for a simple BBQ, the burn time of the briquette is approx 1 hours, they are ready in just 20 minutes.

100% Natural briquette made from wood, no chemicals binders

  • Low ash level, easy to clean
  • Size of briquettes 5×5 cm
  • Constant heat
  • No odours and smokeless
  • Durable, does not break easily
  • Can be used in all barbecues

We recommend using a chimney-style fire starter to get the briquettes nice and hot before you start cooking…

  • 1) Place firelighters in the base of your barbecue
  • 2) Sit your chimney starter on top of the flamers and pack with briquettes
  • 3) Light the flamers
  • 4) As soon as the briquettes have started to go ashy, empty the chimney

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Weight 3 kg


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