Korean style Indoor Cooking – Best Shisha & Coconut Charcoal 1Kg pack long burn time, no smells

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Ethically sourced Coconut Charcoal with no taste or smells.

You might wonder why a company that champions the importance of charcoal from British woodland is selling other charcoal! Coconut is an excellent choice for professionals, the burn time of the charcoal is approx 1.5+ hours, they are ready in just 20 minutes.

This is a restaurant-grade Coconut charcoal, used in professional grills and kitchens and is brilliant for two reasons:


This ethically-sourced high-density charcoal is made from pure Coconut Shell in a traditional which is waste product from creating wonderful Coconut products. It provides struggling farmers with an income source.


Coconut Charcoal is a brilliant, restaurant-grade indoor charcoal. Its high-density gives you a consistent, strong heat, with NO smoke or TASTE and a long burn time. Like our British single species, it’s a pure, additive free charcoal with no added chemicals or paraffin

Safe to use in-doors in all Hibachi ‘table top grills’ and Shisha (Hookah) Equipment!

  • Our natural coconut shell coal cubes come in packs 1kg each pack with around 72 cubes
  • Burns longer than other shisha coals
  • Enjoy a longer lasting barbecue or an amazing taste From your shisha pipe, you can be certain to appreciate the excellent quality of this product
  • Finest quality charcoal
  • Doesn’t cause any unpleasant smell
  • Fully registered with REACH / ECHA – No chemical additives!

The product is available in 1kg boxes with 72 pieces.

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