Best British Hardwood BBQ Charcoal – 5kg x 30 units – Free Delivery*

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Certification: GiB-S-WM-5025


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Highest Quality barbecue charcoal that ignites quickly and is ready to cook in 15 minutes.

It burns cleaner and leaves only ash plus theres no need for fire lighters or lighter fuel. 

  • Easy to light, ready in 15 minutes.

  • No need for lighter fluid or fire lighters.

  • Burns evenly.

  • Leaves only good ash (Ideal for your garden).

  • Made from British Hardwood.

  • Makes food tastes better.

A great starting point for any new customer or a regular BBQ’er, this charcoal is made up of a mix of hardwood species. The blend changes, but we are careful to maintain great burning and flavour properties by combining species with complimentary qualities.

This is a great all rounder, and if you are thinking of throwing in raw wood or some such for smoking, this is definitely the one for you.

Food Match Wine Match Beer Match
Classic BBQ Fair – steaks, burgers,
sausages, chicken
Dry / Medium – Dry White, Medium Bodied Softer Reds – Malbec / Merlot /Pinot Noir / Bordeaux Pilsner, Belgian Beer, Amber Ale, Porter, Pale Ale / IPA, Cider

Note: This package will be sent on a pallet so must be able to unload at your location. Free delivery to most UK locations, we will contact you if a surcharge applies.

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Additional information

Weight 160 kg
Dimensions 120 × 100 × 1800 cm


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