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Special sustainable oreintated combo-bundle to enjoy in your garden

We’ve put together a great combo-kit aimed for our readers to enjoy the garden in 2020. Buy our starter kit comprising of our best sellers listed below and expand your gardening and cooking skills, each product has been hand picked

Our combo will compliment and get that flavour absolutely bang on! Once you get the formula, you’re on your way.. so what are you waiting for … cook and dig with passion!

Soil Improver and Composting 15kg

  • Creating healthy soil to produce the most nutritious and most richly flavoured food in our gardens takes years of practice, especially if gardens don’t have good soil conditions to begin with.
  • One of the most powerful ingredients that can propel soil health forwards in a hurry is Biochar – a type of ‘super compound’. This deceptively simple substance has unique structural and electrical properties that produce incredible benefits in our gardens.
  • These include doubling water-retention while improving water flow in sandy and clayey soils; swelling soil biology and activating its many functions; and improving nutrient holding-capacity as much as 20 times that of already healthy soil.
  • If that weren’t enough, biochar is also essentially permanent, lasting thousands of years in the soil, so give your Garden and herbs a boost and add Oxford Biochar next time you dig…

250ml Wood Vinegar (Pyroligneous acid) is a natural extract used for agriculture and animal feeds.

It’s a brilliant addition for organic farming, the natural elements makes it an attractive alternative to chemical pesticides and fertilisers. It’s also non-toxic and biodegradable so using Wood Vinegar would bring substantial benefits to your growing plants and agricultural sector.

Its use has a long history of successful replacement of expensive fossil derived agricultural chemicals. With a growing UK biochar and carbon farming industry, this is a must for individuals working towards more sustainable, economical and natural farming practice.

We create a highly potent and quality wood vinegar from fully certified from Grown In Britain (GiB) wood sources, its a great inoculator of ‘goodness’ for Biochar or for any soil.

Best Hardwood Charcoal Bag 5kg

We have special flavours every week, so a great starting point for any new customer or a regular BBQ’er, the charcoal is made up of a mix of hardwood species. The blend changes, but we are careful to maintain great burning and flavour properties by combining species with complimentary qualities.

This is a great all rounder, and if you are thinking of throwing in raw wood or some such for smoking, this is definitely the one for you. We will send you our special for the month!

24 Natural Flamer aids charcoal lighting

Natural, Odourless long burning firelighters, we swear by these to start our fires. Using this lighter we can guarantee a very clean environmentally friendly BBQ. Firelighters contain natural wood shavings and fully refined paraffin wax and are available in boxes of 24. These are loved by all because they are natural, odourless, easy to light and have a long burn.

The combo-bundle consists of;

  • 1 x Hardwood charcoal bag 5kg
  • 1 x Natural flamers 24 lighters
  • 1 x Organic Biochar 15kg
  • 1 x Wood vinegar bottle 250ml

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