Oxford Charcoal

— crafted with care from British woodlands —

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Information

We've got you the best deal we can on shipping, and it works like this...

Everything we send you will come in a Big Box. Your job is to fill it as best you can.

A big box will take four 5kg bags of charcoal, or four 3kg boxes. You'll also be able to slip in a T-Shirt or a book.

Once you've filled one Big Box anything you order will start to fill another. We don't mind how many we send you, but be careful to take full advantage of the Big Box special rate and don't make me send you one that's nearly empty...




Generally you are going to set fire to all the goodies we send you, by which time it's a bit late for returns...

On very rare occasions even the best charcoal in the world can get damaged in transit. We want you to get it in the best possible condition, so if you're unhappy about how your shipment arrives please let us know.

All Shipping or Returns enquiries should be directed to orders@theoxfordcharcoalcompany.co.uk