Aged Whiskey Barrel Wood Little Logs – aged for 34yrs with incredible aroma’s

Certification: Genuine Scottish Distillery


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Similar to smoking chips, our 3kg bags of Whiskey Little Logs are bigger, chunkier (like Jenga® pieces!), and brilliant for smoking your food during grilling – imparting a distinctive smoky flavour. They’re also perfect for Offset Smoker Grills, and even cooking directly on as a live wood fire, for maximum flavour loveliness.

Our Barrel Oak is freshly cut from decades old Whisky Barrels with our partner in Falkirk used to mature Scotland’s finest malt. It gives a long hot burn with a beautiful aroma of Scotch Whisky! All hand cut and bagged in 3kg paper bags with care and a cheers!

Scotch Whisky is (almost) always aged in used barrels while bourbon is required to be aged in new oak barrels. It’s a great symbiotic relationship that exists between bourbon and Scotch Whisky producers. The reason that Oak is used is its unique physical and chemical nature. Oak has strength – physically, its wide radial rays give strength when shaped for a cask. Oak is also a “pure wood” as opposed to pine or rubber trees which contain resin canals that can pass strong flavors to maturing whisky.

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