Dried Beech logs ideal for pizza ovens and cooking, beautifully cut and regular shape – 10kg


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Certification: Woodsure standard

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A new range of wood logs, these are unlike most logs that we sell, they are regular in size and super dried top end BEECH wood boxed in 10kg boxes.  They come in convenient 10kg boxes so easy to store and transport to your portable spot. They can be used for smoking in a Weber-style grill, Pizza ovens and are great for offset smokers. They are also obviously ideal for wood-fired ovens. You can even cook directly on them as a live wood fire, for maximum flavour loveliness.

These have been kiln dried so comply fully with the ‘Woodsure standard’.

The light colour gives the impression that beech is a soft wood, but in fact it’s extremely hard and it smoulders like an incense stick, giving off a herbal aroma similar to camomile tea. Kiln dried like Beech, a wood with a moisture content of under 20% is great for your pizza ovens. Beech is often used when cooking bread products (pizza’s) in the oven as it infuses a sweet smokey taste to the food.

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