Top Grade Sumi Binchotan Hex Napoleon Style Barbecue Charcoal Briquettes, 5hr+ 5kg

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Ethically sourced 100% natural briquettes are produced with no chemical, impurities or waste-wood. Designed for professional use in restaurants and taverns, as well as for BBQ lovers.
Pini Kay Binchotan Style charcoal briquettes, ideal for Tandoor and Binchotan ovens and open grills. High cooking temp upto 300C++
Note: Unlike lump wood charcoal all briquettes take longer to light, see tips below.

The unique hexagonal briquettes with a hole in the centre creates longer burn times and has excellent combustion properties. They are easy to light and are packed in 5kg cartons. The hexagonal briquettes is an excellent choice for professionals, the burn time of the briquette is approx 5 hours, they are ready in just 40 minutes.

100% Natural briquette made from wood, no chemicals binders

  • 5 kg carton packaging
  • Low ash level
  • Length of briquettes 10-20 cm
  • Constant heat
  • No odours
  • Durable, does not break easily

Lighting Tip: See pics

  1. Break a full briquette into half then smaller bits sizes of walnuts
  2. Place smaller pieces over our famous natural flamers (x5-8) and light
  3. When the smaller bits have caught the flame (ie red) then add larger pieces as required. [will take about 20mins]
  4. Start with half briquettes then add full sizes as required. 

Oxford Charcoal Tip:

  1. After lighting, wait for the briquettes to whiten then line up in a single row to even the heat distribution
  2. To slow down burn at any time, simply cover the briquettes with its own ash, to starve the oxygen – don’t smother or it will go out!
  3. To ‘switch-on’ the heat, shake the ash from each briquette to continue cooking
  4. If you have briquettes that are not fully burned at the end of the day, simply quench them in a tub of water. Dry and re-use next day.

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