Instant light Cobb style Barbecue charcoal briquettes, ideal for camping

CoCodisk is smoke-free and requires no lighting agent, they burn hotter than conventional wood charcoal and each one will give approx 1 hours of cooking time. See CoCodisk live



Ethically sourced 100% natural coconut disk (CoCodisk) briquettes are produced with no chemical, impurities or fillers.  Designed for the quick BBQ’er who doesn’t want to mess around with flamers or firelighters, ready to cook in just 3 mins! Instant lighting charcoal without the chemicals.

The patented round CoCodisk briquette features several holes to create an even burn and has excellent combustion properties. They are easy to light and are packed in 1, 3 or a whole box of 12 units. The cocodisk is an excellent choice for all users, the burn time of the each briquette is approx 1.5 hours, they are cook ready in just 3 minutes.

Ideal use: Home BBQ’ing, picnic’s, camping, remote cooking and take round to a friends – small, convenient to carry and lovely smell of coconut!

100% Natural round briquette made from coconut shell, no chemicals with a organic binder.

  • 1, 3 or 12 unit size packaging
  • Low ash level
  • Size of briquettes 140mm diameter by 40 mm high
  • Constant heat
  • No odours
  • Durable, does not break easily
  • No mess, use the ash in garden, fully sustainable product.

Lighting Tip: No need for flamers or firelighters, simply apply a small flame to the centre of the disk and wait for the ignition to start

  1. Remove all packaging
  2. Place the cocodisk in the BBQ tray flat
  3. Apply a flame to the centre of the cocidisk, until it self ignite’s
  4. Wait for the entire disk to stop smoking (3mins)
  5. Start cooking when all flames are out.

An environmentally friendly, bio-degradeable and renewable fuel, they provide the heat to barbecue, boil, roast or bake in your normal or the Cobble style barbecue.

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Weight 0.5 kg
CoCodisk Briquettes

Single Unit, Box of 3 Units, Box of 12 units


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