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Maple Charcoal – 5kg


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Our good friend DJ BBQ is a huge fan of this charcoal for grilling his world-famous burgers. The American sensation was impressed with how similar our maple charcoal was to the maples of his North American home.

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Weight 5 kg

3 reviews for Maple Charcoal – 5kg

  1. Dennis Gorman

    “We recently introduced an American section to our menu and came across your Maple charcoal. Fair to say that it is now the most popular part of our menu already! Everyone loves it, just as much as we love Oxford Charcoal.”

  2. Henry Tyson

    “If you want the best tasting, juiciest, delicious burgers, the maple charcoal will always be our number 1 (and should be all of yours too).”

  3. Owen Jones

    We have been barbecuing burgers at our restaurant for many years, and this new maple charcoal is the best we have used to date.

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