Woodsure certified Kiln dried Home Fire Mixed Hardwood Logs – Big Bag 1m3 – free delivery


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Certification: GiB-S-WM-5025

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Our brilliant Mixed Big Logs come in Large Dumpy Bag. They can be used for smoking in a Weber-style grill, and are great for offset smokers. They are also obviously ideal for wood-fired ovens. You can even cook directly on them as a live wood fire, for maximum flavour loveliness.

  • Ready to Burn Kiln Dried mixed Firewood Logs certified by us
  • All timber from 100% virgin UK traceable and sustainable woodlands and forestry
  • Low moisture content less than 20% providing a clean burn and high heat output
  • Approx weight 350 kg

All of our kiln dried log range are Woodsure certified

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Weight 250 kg

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