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Certification: GiB-S-WM-5025

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Instant Light Charcoal that is Gourmet quality. Must be burned inside a BBQ.

Oxford Instant Light Charcoal is the easiest way to BBQ this summer. There is no need for firelighters or lighter fluid, as all you do is remove the lid, light wick at base and place into your BBQ, when flames have extinguished simply place BBQ grill over charcoal. All material will be burnt so no waste to dispose of – No firelighters required.

Within 20 minutes you will then have a powerful BBQ that is ready to cook food with that unmistakeable Oxford Gourmet taste. Please remember to let the flames die down before you begin cooking your food.

As the fuel is instant light and all contained within the bag, this is also a clean and safe way to hold a party or evening BBQ. No mess or fuss, just great tasting food with your friends and family.

Treat your meat to the best possible experience… use Oxford Charcoal

Get our unique BBQ Charcoal TUB, Simply

  • Pure additive free charcoal
  • Burns better, lasts longer
  • From British sustainable forests
  • Fast and easy lighting – ready to cook in 15mins
  • Smoke free

At The Oxford Charcoal Company we craft our BBQ charcoal in small batches to give you the best BBQ experience possible. This is a great all rounder, and if you are thinking of throwing in raw wood or some such for smoking, this is definitely the one for you.

Food Match Wine Match Beer Match
Classic BBQ Fair – steaks, burgers,
sausages, chicken
Dry / Medium – Dry White, Medium Bodied Softer Reds – Malbec / Merlot /Pinot Noir / Bordeaux Pilsner, Belgian Beer, Amber Ale, Porter, Pale Ale / IPA, Cider

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