British Hardwood & Oak Charcoal with 25 flamers bundle

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Certification: GiB-S-WM-5025



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In stock


A great starting point for any new customer or a regular BBQ’er, this charcoal bundle is made up of a hardwood blend and a solid Oak Charcoal bag. The hardware blend changes, but we are careful to maintain great burning and flavour properties by combining species with complimentary qualities.

Mix with the oak and get a longer and hotter burn.

This is a great if you are thinking of throwing in raw wood or some such for smoking, this is definitely the one for you.

Food Match Wine Match Beer Match
Classic BBQ Fair – steaks, burgers,
sausages, chicken
Dry / Medium – Dry White, Medium Bodied Softer Reds – Malbec / Merlot /Pinot Noir / Bordeaux Pilsner, Belgian Beer, Amber Ale, Porter, Pale Ale / IPA, Cider


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Weight 12 kg
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2, 4

15 reviews for British Hardwood & Oak Charcoal with 25 flamers bundle

  1. David Stone

    “If you cook a variety of chicken dishes, this is the only charcoal option that should be in your mind. Perfect flavours for keeping high levels of quality and consistency, won’t be looking elsewhere ever again.”

  2. John Carson

    “We thought we would put our own spin on the famous scouse dish from Merseyside, and Oxford Charcoal’s Hardwood Blend fit the bill perfectly. Great at holding temperature, and the smoky flavour is simply the best we have ever had.”

  3. Kevin Grant

    “Hardwood Blend charcoal is our new favourite, it’s like one of our restaurant’s cult heroes! Everyone loves it, the chicken is always perfectly done with this charcoal.”

  4. Diane Stevens

    “How fast you can go from ‘Who is this?’ to ‘See you soon!’ Oxford Charcoal wins top spot. The best charcoal you can buy. The Hardwood Blend is spot on for many types of meat, incredible.”

  5. Greg Nicholls

    “Didn’t take us much persuading to buy some bags of Hardwood Blend charcoal. We consider ourselves lamb specialists, so this charcoal only takes us to the next level.”

  6. Jason Holmes

    Very much enjoyed this charcoal. Will be back for more soon.

  7. Sally Evans

    Hardwood Blend Charcoal is great for all meats, which works perfectly for us. Better than standard lumpwood, and lasts a long time.

  8. David Hispin

    Delivered on time with no issues, and adds a good flavour to the food. Will be back for more.

  9. Linda Green

    A great charcoal and a very good price, when you compare the quality to mucky department store brands. Glad we got loads of this, it will all be used in the coming months!

  10. Jimmy Reed

    Ordered some for my restaurant and it has gone down incredibly well. Our BBQ orders are up in the last month which goes to show everyone loves the food, and everyone loves the charcoal it is cooked on.

  11. Callum Grainger

    Probably the best Hardwood Charcoal I have used. I really enjoy the ease of cooking and the flavours it offers anything you grill.

  12. Nigel McKinley

    We ordered a few bags for the restaurant and customers seem to love our BBQ dishes even more now. Thank you very much for a great Charcoal!

  13. Derek White

    Perfectly cooked my home bbq with ribs, sausages, burgers and chicken breasts. Easy to light and manage, great charcoal.

  14. Richie Deacon

    Would highly recommend this charcoal for anything you want to cook on it, all goes very well for me.

  15. Harry Coombes

    A lovely bag of charcoal, great that there is no chemicals, just pure charcoal.

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