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Full of folklore, Alder likes to live in the space between water and land. Its exposed roots are where fairies live.

Fortunately for you, someone else has cut this down and will suffer the consequences, you can just enjoy the sweet, lightly smoky flavour and controlled burn of this lovely coal.

Great with white meat and fish. Amazing in a charcoal oil.

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7 reviews for Alder Charcoal – 5kg

  1. James Donovan

    “Lincolnshire is known for its fantastic fish, and alder charcoal has helped my business go from local to national. I get customers from up and down the country trying my signature fish dishes, with so much down to Oxford Charcoal.”

  2. Ed Clark

    “Barbecuing white fish was something I was not too familiar with until recently, but the Alder charcoal I got from Oxford Charcoal convinced me that anything is possible, and using this creates one of the best dishes I’ve tried.”

  3. Dominic King

    “The best brand of charcoal I’ve used, period. What more can I say? It’s perfect.”

  4. William Ryder

    “Alder charcoal is the best ingredient for cooking fish I have ever used. No competition comes close, the way it cooks slowly and allows all of the flavour to release is the best. Forever returning to Oxford Charcoal.”

  5. George Burnham

    I love this charcoal because I like to barbecue chicken and it is very easy to control the burn with this, great stuff.

  6. Chris Sharp

    Tried this flavour for the first time and was very impressed with the whole experience.

  7. Paul McDonald

    Goes very well with different fish that I have barbecued, really enjoy the sweet flavour.

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