Oxford Charcoal

— crafted with care from British woodlands —

our secret is no secret

We use a time-honoured, traditional approach to make our charcoal. 
Using kilns hand-built to our own design and specifications, we put the craft back into grilling.


Our timber is harvested from healthy and sustainable British woodland with Grown in Britain certification, providing a vital habitat for native birds, animals and plants.
Strictly no rainforest, unlike much of the charcoal
sold in the UK.


The wood is then split and prepared for our specialty-designed kilns. To verify sustainability, we know the British woodland
source of every batch of timber we use. Charcoal is then produced by slow pyrolysis, the heating of wood in the absence of oxygen.


Our 'Oxford process' is as kind
to the environment as can be. Our kilns have the lowest emissions of any we have seen. It's all part of our pledge
to produce as natural a product as possible.


Our small-batch fired charcoal is then graded by size
for restaurant, domestic grill and bio-char use,
so you get the charcoal that's right for you.


You won't find any sawdust, starch or coal in our charcoal packs. We don't use nasty fire retardant chemicals,
so the flavour isn't affected and you can add more charcoal at any point without having to stop cooking.