We’re going to Grillstock, Bristol

Music, Meat and Mayhem. That’s what is in store at Grillstock Bristol this weekend and we’re going to be there!

The Oxford crew are being taken on the road by our favourite Yank (DJ BBQ). Armed with some homegrown gourmet charcoal we’re ready to grilled some pulled pork, flip some burgers and we will also be spit roasting whole cows legs!

As well as some outrageously excellent food, good-looking grillmasters (hello) and a few cheeky craft beers, there’s a ton of great music acts including The Levellers, The Stranglers and Chelsea Dagger legends, The Fratellis.

If you are there or even in the area, feel free to swing by. You can sample our amazing charcoal taste first-hand and also pick up a cheeky little discount voucher on the day.

If you haven’t yet got your ticket then you can still buy tickets for Sunday here. We will see you there.

Kick the tyres and light the fires!

Matt & The Oxford Charcoal Crew

Grillstock Festival 2015 from Grillstock on Vimeo.

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